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Soal-Soal Simple Routine Task

Sumber Gambar :

Bagaimana dengan penjelasan materi Simple Routine Task, jika terlewatkan silahkan kembali KESINI.

Sekarang kita akan mengerjakan beberapa tugas, dan berikut soal-soalnya :

A. Complete the questions using WH questions (Where, When, Why, Who, What, How)

1. .…..will you go next Saturday? (To Wamena)

2. ……do you go to visit your grandparents (by motorcycle)

3. ….. will you go to Merauke? (on June)

4. ….. do you want to see Mrs. Georgy? (because I have something to tell)

5. ….. are you going to travel? (By bus)

6. …..will you stay in Abepura (on jln Entrop)

7. …..will meet you at  Jayapura port? (My uncle, Petrus)

8. .….don’t you go by bus? (it’s too tiring for me)

9. …..will you bring for them? (I’ll give her this bag)

10. …did it? (my brother, Jopana)

B. Write down the activity you do or somebody else does at your house. Use these adverbs of time


Almost always


Often (frequently)

Sometimes (once in a while)

Seldom (hardly ever) never

1. I usually have breakfast at 06.30 a.m

2. I never ……

3. Sometimes I …..

4. Mother often …..

5. Rekina , my sister hardly ever …..

6. Once in a while, my father …..

7. My brother and I seldom…..

8. My aunt always ….

9. Sema, my niece, usually …..

10. My grandmother always ……..

11. My grandfather often ……

12. My uncle sometimes ….

13. My cousin rarely …..

C. Read the text about famous people.


Susan SontangHendry MillerBarack Obama
8:00 AM: Wake up
Lunchtime: Lunch only with Roger (Straus). Can break ‘no going out for lunch’ rule once every two weeks.
Afternoon/night: take and respond to phone calls (she told people not to call in the morning, or she didn’t answer the phone).
Evening: reading, to escape from writing (but only in the evening).
Fridays: letter answering day.
Mornings: If groggy, type notes and allocate as stimulus. If in “fine fettle,” write.
Afternoons: Write to finish one section at a time, for good and all.
Evenings: See friends. Read in cafés. Explore unfamiliar sections – on foot if wet, on bicycle if dry. Write, if in mood, but only on Minor program. Paint if empty or tired. Make notes, charts, plans, corrections.
6:45 AM: Works out, reads several newspapers, has breakfast with his family.
8:50 AM: Begins work just before 9.
10:00 PM: Works well into many evenings, but always stops to have dinner with his family each day.

Taken from :

Now, answer these questions based on the information you got from the text.

1.What does Hendry Miller do in the evening?

2. What time Barack Obama begin work?

3. Who reads only in the evening?

4. How many time does Susan Sontang go out for lunch?

5. What is the synonym of “unfamiliar”?

D. Do These Tasks

1.Make a simple routine task about Job Profession

2. Make a short conversation about daily activity

3. Read the conversation, record and send it to your teacher.

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