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Materi Simple Routine Task

Sumber Gambar :

Hi, good students. Masih tetap semangat, kan?

Harus yah.

Saat ini, kita akan bahas hal yang selalu atau berulang-ulang kita lakukan, yaitu kegiatan rutin sederhana. Sebelum lanjut, yuk, simak penjelasan di video berikut ini : 

Definition of Simple Routine Task

Simple Routine Task is an activity or piece of work which we have to do regulary.

Simple Routine Task adalah kegiatan atau pekerjaan yang dilakukan secara rutin atau berulang-ulang kali secara terus menerus (regulary). Materi ini sama halnya dengan materi daily activity, atau kegiatan sehari-hari. Daily activity is an activity done by person everyday or regularly

Kegiatan rutin bisa diartikan sebagai hal yang dilakukan secara teratur, karna sudah terprogram atau terjadwalkan, bahkan bisa juga dikatakan kebiasaan adat, atau kegiatan yang hampir tidak bisa dihentikan, jika dihentikan maka akan ada konsekuensinya.

Social Function of Simple Routine Task

Social function of simple routine task is to inform the readers about someone’s daily activity.

Generic structure of Simple Routine Task

Generic structure of the simple routine tasks text are :

    1. Opening
    2. Content
    3. Closing

Language Features of Simple Routine Task

Language Features of Simple Routine Task are : 

  • Simple present tense.

– I wake up at 05.30 a.m

– I have my breakfast at 06.30 a.m

– I go to bed at 10.00 p.m

Baca Juga :

Simple Present Tense

  • WH-questions (what, why, when, where, who, how)

What is your daily activity?

– Who is she?

– How do you go to school?

  • Adverb of Frequency.
    (Always, Almost always, Usually, Often (frequently), Sometimes (once in a while), Seldom (hardly ever) never)– I always go to school by car

     – I usually come late

    – I sometimes get a present from my father

Example of Daily Activity/Routine Task

Yakoba’s Daily Routine Before Pandemi Covid-19

Hi! My name is Yakoba. I’m fourteen years old, I’m Papuan. I am a student at SMK 3 Teknologi dan Rekayasa Jayapura. I live with my family in Jayapura, in Papua Province.

My day usually starts quite early. I always get up at 05.30. When I get up, I go to take a bath first.  After that I comb my hair and get dressed. I usually wear casual clothes, mainly jeans, shorts, T-shirts and trainers.I always have breakfast with my mom and my little sister, Penina. My dad seldom has breakfast with us, because he lives and works in Merauke. I usually have  boil banana or cassava and a cup of tea. Before I go to school, I help my mother to wash the dishes.

I usually walk to school because I don’t live very far. Classes start at 07.30. I like English best but I’m also good in construction subjects. I have  breaks at 11.30 and I have my lunch at 12.00. I sometimes eat rice, vegetables and fish or tempe. School finishes at 3.30. Sometimes, I come back home by taxi or motorcycles paid by my friends. I take a bath and play with my sister for a while and then I help my mother to clean the house. I do my homework and read some books. Once a week, I have a table tennis practice. I love doing sports.

Before dinner, I sometimes meet my friends or watch a TV show. I seldom play android game.  We have dinner at 06.30 and I often set the table. After dinner, I help my sister to do homework. At 9.30 I go to the bathroom to wash my face, hands and feet, brush my teeth and put on my nightdress. Before I go to sleep, I surf the Internet for a while or listen to music to make me feel relaxed.

That’s all my activity starting from waking up till going to bed. Thank you.

Delyana Tonapa

I am Delyana