Bahan Ajar Bahasa Inggris Kelas XI SMA/SMK

Soal-Soal Giving Opinion

Sumber Gambar :

Hi students. Kita sudah membahas tentang Giving Opinion. Nah, sekarang, kalian akan mengerjakan tugas, dan soalnya sebagai berikut :

a. Read the statements below and answer them based on technique you have learnt.

  1. Education is a right privilege?
  2. Smoking should be banned in public places
  3. Online gaming should be banned
  4. Bullying is totally unacceptable practice in our school.
  5. Time is more important than money
  6. I think we must use mask during the Corona virus Pandemic
  7. Students should have meeting in classroom once a week during virus Pandemic
  8. Government should provide WiFi for poor family to support study from home
  9. Working and studying at the same time is full of challenges
  10. Pandemic can open a door to new technology.

b. Give your response of the following questions.

  1. Do you think gaming affects for teenagers?
  2. Do you think woman should not work?
  3. What do you think of smoking in public place?
  4. What are you feeling about Coronavirus
  5. What do you feel about using mask all day?

c. Below are given several opinions. Some of them are polite and some impolite. Highlight the opinions with

  1. If it is an impolite way of disagreeing
  2. If is is a polite way of disagreeing
  3. If it is a polite way of giving opinion
  4. If It is an impolite way of giving opinion.
  1. I am afraid, I do not agree with you about this problem
  2. Do you really think like that?
  3. This is what I mean
  4. To my mind. this is the truth and I believe it.
  5. Rubbish! Nonsense! I disagree with the opinion.
  6. I think. It’s interesting, but our idea is much better.

d. Fill in blanks using the opinion expressions given in the box below :

really agree   opinion   am concerned     strongly believe   believe that     strongly

  1. as far as I ……………………..I will not support about it
  2. I ………..with him
  3. People ……………eat shrimp and orange juice at the same time causes severe skin disease
  4. I feel quite …………………… about this new
  5. It is OK, if you do not go with me, but I have a right to my ………………

e. Fine out one phenomena issue, give your opinion about that, record it and send it to your teacher.

f. Write in paragraph about your opinion “the increasing Corona virus cases in Indonesia” what should and should not people do.

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