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Soal-Soal Memo, Menu, Schedule dan Signs

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We have studied the explanation of Memo, Menu, Schedule and Signs. If you do not read the examples, click HERE or ask to your teacher for more explanation.

Now, do the tasks below:

  1. Study the bus schedule below, then choose True/False for each sentences.

From           : Jayapura Station

To               : Sentani Station

Leave after : 05:30 a.m

OptionDepartArriveTravel Time
1.05 : 30 a.m06 : 30 a.m60 mins
2.07 : 20 a.m08 : 40 a.m60 mins
3.09 : 00 a.m10 : 00 a.m60 mins
4.12:30 a.m13 : 30 p.m60 mins
5.14:40 p.m15 : 40 p.m60 mins
616 : 30 p.m17 : 30 p.m60 mins

1.The table shows the bus schedule is from Sentani station to Jayapura station.

2. The train leaves from Sentani station to Jayapura station

3. The train departs from Jayapura Station

4. The table shows schedule of bus that leaves after 05 : 30 pm

5. There are more than six options show on the schedule

6. There are two bus that depart from Jayapura to Sentani after 12 30 p.m

7. Each bus takes less than 60 minutes to reach the destination

8. The earliest bus departs at 05 : 30 a.m

9. The last bus arrives at 17 : 30 p.m

10. The longest ride takes 30 minutes.

B. Below is a beverages list from a cafe called “Abepura Santai Cafe” read the menu and choose the correct answer.


 Abepura Santai Cafe

Beverages list

Wamena Robusta Coffee          35

Wamena Torabica Coffee          40

Ice Tea                                          15   

Hot Tea                                         10

Latte                                              25

Orange Juice                               20

Avocado Juice                            20


1.What is the most expensive?

  1. Hot Tea
  2. Wamena Torabica Coffee
  3. Avocado Juice
  4. Latte
  5. Orange Juice

2. If you are customer. What will you say to order the coffee?

a. One Wamena Robusta Coffee    

b. I’d like to order hot tea, please.

c. Is Torabica coffee good for our health?

d. Yes, please

e. Latte is better

3. What is the second cheapest on the menu

a. Ice Tea

b. Hot Tea

c. Ice Cream

d. Mineral water

e. Coffee

4. What is the name of the cafe?

a. In Abepura santai

b. Santai restaurant

c.Abepura Cafe

d. Santai Cafe

e. Abepura Santai Cafe

5. What is the synonym of “beverages”?

a. Drink

b. Food

c. Drink and food

d.Cafe for drinking

e. Place to relax

C. Read the Memo and answer the questions

Dear Winda,

I am writing because I am leaving to Jayapura. Almost two weeks I spent my holiday with you and family. I saw you were too lazy to be a sister.  I’d like you to clean up the living room and dining room every morning before going out.

Your sister,



1. What is the things that Naura asked Winda to do?

2. How long did Naura spend her holiday?

3. Beside living room, where does Winda have to clean?

4. Why did Naura asked Winda to clean up the house?

5. What is the relationship between Winda and Naura

D. Do these tasks

1.Make your own memo based on your future dream

2. Create an attractive  Menu

3. Make your daily schedule

4. Find the example of warning sign, mandatory sign, prohibited sign and direction sign.

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