Bahan Ajar Bahasa Inggris Kelas X SMA/SMK

Soal-Soal Suggestion And Offering

Sumber Gambar :

Materi giving suggestion and offering telah kita bahas, jika masih belum faham dengan baik, kembali KESINI atau hubungi guru bidang study bahasa Inggris kalian untuk mendapatkan penjelasan lebih lanjut.

Berikut latihan soalnya:

A. There are some grammatical errors in the sentences given below. Find the mistakes in the sentences, then rewrite the sentences. If there aren’t any mistakes,  mention the number.

1. Let’s go to the Rumah Laut restaurant for lunch

2. Can I do get you a glass of milk?

3. Let me take you home

4. If you want, I will a bowl of meatballs buy for you

5. Shall we do have a meeting with our investors next week?

6. Shall home we go now?

7. May I take help you with this?

8. Would you like a tea, please?

9. Why don’t you with us come?

10. How about do homework tomorrow at my home?

B. Give suggestion or offering to the following situation

1. Your brother is a fresh graduate and he has not got any money with him.

2. Your mother feels tired

3. Your younger sister is going to have final exam

4. Your younger sister is very dirty

5. Your cousin has to get up early in the morning

6. Someone smokes in a public place

7. Someone’s father gets angry with him/her

8. Someone has toothache

9. Someone has a bad cough for two weeks

10. Someone lost his/her way

C. Respond to suggestion and offering given below.

1.Could I help you?

2. Why don’t we have lunch at my restaurant?

3. Why don’t you take  a rest?

4. Why don’t we meet at the shopping center tomorrow morning?

5. I will fix this mobile phone, if you like

6. Shall I bring magazine to read?

7. Let’s all join the course all together

8. Let’s do it together

9. Would you like something to eat?

10. Would you mind helping me, please?

D. Complete these sentences using can, may, will, would, could (Modals)

1.….…I help you, sir?

2. …… you come to fix my car tomorrow?

3. …….mind taking this for us?

4. ….…we join?

5. ….… borrow you pen?

E. Read the dialogue below and answer the questions.

Lela   : How are you, Yafet? I haven’t seen you since my birthday party 10 months ago?

Yafet : Not well. I have a bad fever and cough. How are you?

Lela   : Fine, thank you. Why don’t you go to see the doctor. You look pale.

Yafet : I would like to, but I am so busy about this project. There is no one to take over my job.

Lela   : You had better be careful. I would like to see the doctor this afternoon If I were you

Yafet : I’ll do that. Thank you for your suggestion

Lela   : You are welcome.

1.How long didn’t Lela and Yafet meet each other?

2. What is the matter with Yafet?

3. What does Lela suggest him to do?

4. Is Yafet going to do what Lela has suggested?

5. What is Yafet going to do about his fever and cough?


F. Choose the correct answer.

1.Gina : what’s the matter with you father?

Rony : He has a bad cough

  Gina : Why don’t he go to……

  1. take a rest
  2. see the doctor
  3. take a nap
  4. go to work
  5. have morning coffee

2. Gil : What would you do tonight?

   Joe : I don’t know. I need your ……

    Gil : I suggest you study hard

  1. suggest
  2. suggestion
  3. suggested
  4. suggesting
  5. helping

3. Nona : ……the lesson

  Mega : How about asking your teacher to explain it again?

  1. I don’t understand
  2. I wonder
  3. I don’t like
  4. I don’t explain
  5. I  love

4. Mossad : Shall we ….tomorrow morning?

Rapan : Sure, We wont miss the first flight.

  1. get up late
  2. get up early
  3. to get up late
  4. to get up early
  5. to go up late

5. Alfredo : I submitted my essay to English teacher yesterday, but I haven’t received and response from her

Yani :…………………….. go and ask her?

  1. shall us
  2. why don’t we
  3. I think
  4. I will do
  5. you call

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