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Materi Memo, Menu, Schedule And Signs

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Hi. How are you today?

I hope, you are in a good condition.

This time, we are going to discuss new topic ,they are Memo, Menu, Schedule and Signs, but wait a minute.

Have you studied about them before? Yes, I know, you have. When you were at Elementary school and junior high school, but of course, it’s not too specific. So let’s focus now.

  1. Memo

Do you know What is Memo?

Where do you usually find it?. Well, with the new technology, you can’t find memo easily at home or at the office, because people tend to use mobile phone to send messages, but have you ever thought that memo was so important and also it still important?

So, what is Memo? Ok, Memo or memorandum is a short communication used within an organization.

It often used as a tool to share short information or message.

Actually, it’s not only used in an organization, but also people can use everywhere, specially at home. When your parents are out, traditionally, they will leave a memo on the table, door or under your door, but if they have credit/pulse, they will send you short message service (SMS).

The purpose of Memo is to inform something. Kinds of Memo are formal and informal. The structure are heading, content, and closing.

Example of Memo:


To          : Billy

From     : Your sister, Sisil.

Date      : 15 Januari 2021

Subject : Prohibition

I am out to buy some vegetables and papa’s medicine. Please, do not enter to my room and do not touch all my stuffs on papa’s desk.

B. Menu

Do you ever see a Menu? I believe, you do. When you go to a restaurant, the first thing you ask to the waiter is Menu.

Buy the way, do you know the definition of  Menu?

Menu is a list of food and beverages equipped with their respective prices.

To attract customer, some restaurants use attractive Menu by giving full of colors, pictures, like a photo album and sometimes, it provides in tab.  

Example of Menu:

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C. Schedules

Schedule is a list of activity. It can be a schedule of everything like schedule of flight, schedule of train, schedule of English course and so on.

The purpose of the schedule is to keep ourselves in time and manage our activity well.

Example of Schedule:

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D. Signs

Sign or  symbols are instructions or prohibitions that we can find around us.

Signs contain warning sign, mandatory sign, prohibited sign and direction sign.

The purpose of signs or symbols is to instruct or prohibit people.

Example of Signs:

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