Bahan Ajar Bahasa Inggris Kelas XI SMA/SMK

Soal-Soal Passive Voice

                                                                 Sumber Gambar :

Penjelasan sebelumnya tentang Passive Voice tentu sudah jelas, bukan? Namun jika kalian masih kurang mengerti, sebaiknya kembali di SINI atau hubungi Guru bidang study dan meminta penjelasan lebih lanjut.

Berikut adalah soal-soal Passive Voice :

You can do all the tasks with your partner.

1. Essay

A. Complete the sentences using one of the following verbs in the correct passive forms.

 Example :


Active : Mr. Philipus ……… me to have dinner

Passive : I am invited to have dinner by Mr. Philipus

Tell,        Sign,      Analyzing,      called,     Tell

  1. Mrs. Insos will ………… all the reports.
  2. Lorine had ….the truth
  3. Marina …….. Papuan song
  4. Sinta is …….the lyrics of the song
  5. He …………my team yesterday

B. Write sentences in the passive sentences for each word.

  1. Build
  2. Paint
  3. Fix
  4. Develop
  5. Write

C. Make 5 sentences and change them into passive form.

D. Make short conversation with your partner and underline passive sentences, record and send it to your teacher

 2. Multiple Choice

  1. The car ……by Selena yesterday
  1. would wash
  2. will be washed
  3. was washing
  4. had to be wash
  5. washed

2. The project ……today

  1. had to be submitted
  2. have to be submitted
  3. would be submitted
  4. will be submitted
  5. has to be submitted

3. Her birthday party ……by tomorrow

  1. would be being started
  2. will be started
  3. would be started
  4. will have been being started
  5. will have been started

4. The mechanic had fixed the engine

The passive forms of the sentences above is…

  1. The engine is being fixed by the mechanic
  2. The engine will be fixed by the mechanic
  3. The engine would be fixed by the mechanic
  4. The engine had been being fixed by the mechanic
  5. The engine had been fixed by the mechanic

5. They ….by Mr. Melkianus since they live here 2 years ago

  1. have been helped
  2. are helped
  3. should be helped
  4. had been helped
  5. have been helped

6. I do not know what problem …. to me by the instructure for next meeting

  1. will be given
  2. are given
  3. has been given
  4. are being given
  5. would be given

7. “Winda is cleaning the workshop” means…

  1. The workshop was cleaned
  2. The workshop is being cleaned
  3. The workshop has been cleaned
  4. The workshop will be cleaned
  5. The workshop should be cleaned

8. The passive form of “someone was missing us” is ……….

  1. We are missed by someone
  2. We was being missed by someone
  3. We will be missed by someone
  4. We should be missed by someone
  5. We had been missed by someone

9. Why does the girl next-door keep shouting?’

As usual, it …… by her brother

  1. is neglected
  2. is being neglected
  3. has been neglected
  4. has been being neglected
  5. was being neglected

10. ‘why are not you riding your own motorcycle?’

       ‘it ………..’.

  1. has sold
  2. has been selling
  3. has been sold
  4. has to be sold
  5. has been being sold


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