Bahan Ajar Bahasa Inggris Kelas XI SMA/SMK

Soal-Soal Taking Simple Phone Message

Sumber Gambar :

Ini adalah lanjutan dari materi taking simple phone message yang sudah kita bahasa sebelumnya. Setiap materi ajar membutuhkan latihan-latihan yang tujuannya untuk melatih siswa (i), agar lebih memahami materi (Taking Simple Phone Message). Berikut beberapa soal-soal materi Taking Simple Phone Message

  1. Complete the telephone conversation by choosing the correct words in brackets!

Lika     : Hello, good morning. This is Yotefa entertainment. May I help   you?

Juna     : Good morning. I am Juna (1) ……..(will/can/must) I speak to Mr. Yuan, please?

Lika     : (2)……(Ok/I’m sorry/what), he is out at the moment.

Juna     : Do you know what time is he ……(3) (back/go/coming) back?

Lika     : I am afraid I (4)……….(don’t see/doesn’t know/don’t know)  

Juna     : Can I leave message, please?

 Lika    : Sure, Mr. Juna.

Juna     : Please tell him to come to our new product exhibition tomorrow morning at my office.

Lika     : Anything else?

Juna     : No, thank you.

Lika     : ………..(5). (You are welcome/You are kind-hearted/You are the best).

(few hours later)

Lika                 : Mr. Juna called two hours ago

Mr. Yuan         : Any messages?

Lika               : Yes, of course. He invited you to go to see their new product exhibiton the following day at his office.

Mr. Yuan : Thank you for your information.

Lika                 : you are welcome.

2. Fill in the following message form based on the information given.

There is a message from Juwita Lee, the secretary of PT Maju Makmur, Jayapura, telephone number 081233987001 to Mr. Adventio, the manager of PT Design Great, Sentani.

In the message, Juwita lee said that the visit of Mr. Philipus (the manager of PT Yotefa Constraction) will be postponed until next week, 28th August 2020. The message was taken by Meyske, the secretary of PT Design Great, Sentani on 14th August 2020 at 10 a.m.

To                      :

From/Caller      :

Message          :

Taken by          :

Date                  :

Time                 :

3. Study the dialogue and answer the questions

Vidy    : Hello. Is this Sinta?

Barnie  : I am sorry. You called the wrong number. Sinta is my sister.

Vidy    : Sorry, but she gave this number yesterday. She said to call her to this number. Her card is out of order.

Barnie  : It’s ok. But, sinta is not at home. Do you want to leave any message?

Vidy    : Yes. Please tell her to come to my birthday party tomorrow at Horison hotel.

Barnie  : Ok. Will tell her.

Vidy    : Thank you    

Barnie  : You are welcome.

  1. Who is Calling Sinta
  2. Does Sinta answer the phone call?
  3. Who gave the number to Vidy?
  4. What does Vidy say when he know that is not sinta’s number?
  5. What is probably Barnie say to Sinta when she is home?

4. Change the following direct sentences into indirect sentences

  1. Rony said “my friend wants to invite you to the beach party”
  2. Fita asked “Do you speak English?”
  3. They said “Don’t be hurry”
  4. Gita asked “Are you happy?”
  5. He said “stand up”

 5. Make short dialogue with your team. After that, practice, record  and send it to your teacher.

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