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Giving Opinion 2

                                  Sumber Gambar :

Hi students. How is life? I hope you are in a good condition.

Today, we are going to discuss Giving Opinion 2. As we studied last meeting, we have discussed Giving Opinion 1, where I have given you some explanations of the expressions and responses of giving opinion. If you missed it, you can go back to see the examples. 

Before getting started, watch this video to see the explanation :

When you ask opinion you can use the following phases:
  • What do you think of …….
  • What is your opinion of …….
  • What are you feeling about ……
  • What do you feel about …..

Example : 

  • What do you think of studying from home during Pandemic?
  • What is your opinion of the decision Government on lock down during Pandemic?
  • What are you feeling about using mask all day long?
  • What do you feel about decreasing Coronavirus cases a month?
To express opinion, you can also use the following : 
  • I believe  ……
  • It seems to me ……
  • I think …….
  • In my opinion …….
  • To my mind …….

Well, thin is not formal expression. You can be back in Giving Opinion 1 to see the formal and other informal expressions. 

Examples :

  • I think studying from home is boring
  • It seems to me hard to use mask all day. That’s why I choose to stay at home all day. 

Other Examples :

Bertus: What do you think about this hand sanitizer?

Evan   : Bertus, I don’t think you should use it. It’s absolutely                 different as teacher said. It contains 98% alcohol and  only 2% aloe vera. It should be contain alcohol, aloe vera, fragrance piper and betel leaf. 

Bertus : Why do you think so?

Evan    : We should not use something totally different from what we really need. As far as I know, there are a lot of hand sanitizer over there.

by giving opinion, we should know who are we talking to. When we talk to friends, it will be different when we talk to someone or people who are older or has high position. Try to analyze how to give opinion in strong way or polite.

Here are some example of how to give opinion in formal phrases:

  • From my point of view ……
  • From my perspective ……..

Example : 

  • From my point of view, this job is too difficult to do
  • From my perspective, this project is too risky

Or, we can you following phrase to show people opinion:

  • According to their analysts, the project is difficult to do
  • From the point of view of their analysts, the salt is not worth to sell.
Sample dialogue about asking and giving opinion:

Teacher : Students, What do you think study from home is effective for you?

Philip    : I think so. I can search many information from other sources to support the topic.

Prilly     : It seems to me difficult to explain, but we have to stay at home till long period, because there is not vaccine yet against Coronavirus. 






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