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Materi Biography Text

Sumber Gambar :

Untuk mengetahui banyak informasi tentang idola, tokoh ternama, orang yang viral, kira-kira apa yang kalian lakukan?, apakah kalian bertanya ke pada banyak orang atau searching informasi di browser?

Tentu, tergantung situasi yah, kebanyakan orang mencari informasi di browser, apakah Google, opera atau yang lain.

Kira-kira, siapa yang ingin kalian kepoin?, politikus, artis, atau pengusaha? Tentu tergantung keadaan juga, kan?. Jika sedang membaca tentang bisnis, tentu kalian akan mencari biography tentang  pengusaha, jika kalian sedang melihat seorang artis yang sedang viral karena karyanya, pasti kalian akan mencari biography artis tersebut, dan seterusnya.

Membaca  teks biography mereka termasuk pencapaian mereka dapat memboost semangat, loh? Masalahnya teks biografi bisa dijadikan motivasi atau acuan untuk menjadi sukses.

Nah, good students, kali in, kita akan membahas tentang teks biografi (biography text). Sebelum lanjut yuk, simak penjelasan di video berikut ini :

Definition of Biography Text

Biography text is a text tells about the whole or parts of someone’s life. It encompasses the person’s detailed life events, like where she/he was born, grew up, what has she/he achieved in life or how, and later her/his death.

Function of Biography Text

The function of biography text are : 

  •  To know a person’s story  life
  • To give information and educate the readers.

Generic Structure of Biography Text

  • Orientation (Introduction) : It is the opening paragraph. It gives the readers  background information of the person.
  • Events : Event is as chronological order.
  • Re-Orientation (Closing) : It consists of a conclusion or comment of the writer. It tells about the achievement or the contribution of the person.

Language Features of Biography Text

  • He lived in Puncak Jaya
  • He worked hard
  • He refused violence
  • Adjective
  • He was generous
  • She was beautiful woman
  • His/her village was very cold

 Example of Biography Text

Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro was born in 1985. He is widely regarded as one of the best players in the world. The legendary Dutch genius Johan Cruyff said he’s one of the best ever. Ronaldo became a soccer superstar playing for English team Manchester United, Spain’s Real Madrid and for Portugal. He plays in midfield, from where he regularly scores spectacular goals.

Ronaldo started kicking a ball around when he was three. His skill was obvious then and by ten years old, two of Portugal’s top clubs wanted to sign him. He joined Sporting Lisbon and became the only player in their history to play for the Under-16, Under-17, Under-18, B team and first-team within one season. His skills soon attracted Europe’s big teams.

Manchester United decided Ronaldo was the perfect replacement for David Beckham and signed him in 2003. He set the English Premier League alight in his time there with his silky skills, and helped the team win nine trophies, including the UEFA Champions League. He also picked up the FIFA World Player of the Year award in 2008.

In 2009, Ronaldo joined his boyhood heroes Real Madrid and became the most expensive footballer in history. His transfer fee was over $131 million. He broke Real’s scoring record in his second season, with 53 goals in all competitions. He bettered that in 2011-12, netting 60 times to help Real win Spain’s La Liga. In 2012, Diego Maradona said Ronaldo was “the best player on the planet.”


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