Bahan Ajar Bahasa Inggris Kelas X SMA/SMK

Soal-Soal Giving Direction

Sumber Gambar :

Hai,  anak-anak hebat. PJJ hingga saat ini masih berlangsung, lalu apa yang kalian rasakan?

Apakah kalian semakin giat belajar? Atau sebaliknya? Noooooo

Pasti tetap giat belajar, kan? Yah, minimal tetap rajin membaca.

Kesempatan ini kita akan mengerjakan soal Giving Direction, bagi kalian yang masih belum fokus dengan penjelasan awal, silahkan klik DISINI. Berikut soal-soal menunjukkan arah/Giving direction :

A. Write

I. Circle the correct preposition of direction/place.

1. At the and (in/along/of) the street, turn left.

2.Turn right (in/on/at) jl. Kamkey.

3. Go (straight/along/through) ahead until you come to the post office

4. You will see traditional market  (along/near/thought) the sidewalk.

5. The hospital is opposite the university

6. The ATM  are (in/in front of/under) the police station

7. The center shopping is very close. It’s just (on/under/around) intersection.

II. Circle the correct answer

1.Student : Excuse me, Could you tell me where the administration  room is?

Teacher : Sure, ……………………

  1. I am afraid I can not bring you there
  2. It’s not available at the moment
  3. It’s next to the library
  4. It’s not clear
  5. There are many rooms here.

2. Jeni   : How far is it to the hospital?

    Yayu : ………………..We are almost there.

  1. We are not true
  2. We come the the wrong place
  3. We are closed
  4. We are close
  5. We  are the winner

 3. Melani    : Do you know the best way to get to Cigombong market?

    Panama   : …………, Perhaps you can ask the woman over there

  1. I can take you there if I am not busy
  2. You can take the taxi if you want
  3. Why don’t you forget it, let’s play badminton
  4. I am sorry, I am not around here
  5. I am sorry, you do not seem to be lost

4. Yuna : Excuse me, Where is the supermarket?

    Lora  : The supermarket is ….

  1. out of order
  2. one stair down
  3. bankrupt
  4. down of this street
  5. not here

 5. Hani :I’m lost. Would you like to explain the location of SMK exhibition, please?

    Lola  : I am sorry ……..

  1. I am not from this town
  2. I am full, I ca not speak
  3. I am having my breakfast
  4. You are in the right place
  5. You are great woman


B. Write and Read

 I. Study the floor plan and determine true or false


TailorDraperOptical shopStoreBook Store


Toy StoreWatch Shop

You are here

Japanese Restaurant


Papuan RestaurantBali RestaurantMovie Theatre

 1. The tailor is behind the draper

2. You are in front of Japanese restaurant

3. Toy store is across the Bali restaurant

4. Bali restaurant is between Papuan restaurant and movie theatre

5. Book store is next to toy store

II. Name and Place

 1. From Bali restaurant, Go straight ahead and turn left on Japanese restaurant, it’s at the end on your right.

2. From tailor, go straight ahead until the end. It’s on your left.

3. From movie theatre, go straight ahead, turn left. It’s at the end on your left

4. You are in your place. You look a place out of the window, it’s next to store.

5. From the watch shop, go straight ahead and turn right on the Japanese restaurant. It’s in front of you.

 C. Create

  Make conversation about asking and giving direction.

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