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Materi News Item Text

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Kata “News” adalah kata yang sangat familiar di telinga para penikmat berita,  yang sering disajikan di TV, surat kabar, majalah, media sosial dan lain-lain. Terutama bagi mereka yang tidak ingin ketinggalan suatu info yang up to date atau terkini.

Berasal dari kata  News berarti berita. Jika kita telaah, berita selalu hadir setiap hari secara bergantian di berbagai media dengan menghadirkan informasi terkini yang selalu menarik perhatian orang untuk mengetahuinya.

Sekarang, kita akan membahas pengertian, tujuan, struktur teks, fiture kebahasaan dan contoh teks News Item. Dan berikut penjelasannya :

Definition of News Item Text

News item text is a written public information  which inform to readers about events of the day, considered newsworthy or important information. Basically, a news item text answers the 5W and 1H questions: what, who, when, where, why, and how relating to the newsworthy.

Purpose Of News Item Text

The purpose is to inform readers about events of the day

Generic Structure of News Item Text

The generic structure of News Item Text includes newsworthy event, elaboration of background / background event(s), and sources.

  • Newsworthy event (peristiwa penting diberitakan): Event which is considered as newsworthy. The newsworthy event is commonly placed at the first paragraph.
  • Elaboration of  background / background event(s) (Latar belakang peristiwa) : The detail information of the newsworthy event or the external background which closely relates to newsworthy event (When/Where the even occurred,  who are the participants) etc.
  • Sources(Sumber peristiwa): The closing statements, ranging from the participants, witness, and the official authorities.

Language Features of News Item Text

  • Simple Present tense : She comes alone and someone attacks her
  • Action Verb : attack, observe, build, see, come, take, put, work, listen, walk, etc.
  • Saying Verb : say, speak, tell, yell, scream, reply, shout, suggest, exclaim, etc
  • Adverb of time : Now, today, later, soon, yesterday, last night, tonight, three days ago, etc.
  • Adverb of place and manner : slowly, quickly, sadly, happily, easily, carefully, carelessly, etc
  • Passive Voice : She is observed by the observer.
  • Direct speech : He said “I am going to your school today”
  • Indirect speech : He said that  that he is going to my school that day.

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Example of News Item Text

Saudi Arabia has executed a second Indonesian maid despite protests from Jakarta. (Newsworthy event)
The Indonesian government summoned the Saudi ambassador to the foreign ministry on Thursday after learning that 37-year-old Karni Bt. Medi Tarsim had been beheaded, without official warning. 
Karni was sentenced to death in March 2013 for killing her employer’s four-year-old child. She was the second Indonesian domestic worker executed by the Saudis this week, following the death of Siti Zaenab Bt. Duhri Rupa on Tuesday — the execution again carried out with Indonesian officials receiving no prior warning.(Background events)
“That is our main issue. It’s not that suddenly there was an execution. We didn’t know when it would take place. Still, we took over a hundred steps to try to free (Siti) from execution,” said Arrmanatha Nasir, spokesman for Indonesia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. (Source).

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