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Setelah mempelajari penjelasan Narrative text, kalian akan mengerjakan beberapa latihan soal, namun jika kalian masih belum mengerti dengan baik, kembali ke SINI, atau hubungi Guru kalian untuk meminta penjelasan lebih lanjut.

  1. Read the passage quickly. Then answer the questions that follow.

One day, the people from the village of Mimika were very busy. They prepared twelve boats and set off on a journey to find sago (traditional food of the people in the island of Papua). After three days, their boats were filled with sago. But on their way back to the village, they were attacked by a dragon. The dragon’s tail caused a big wave in the river. Most of the villagers were drown, but there’s a woman who managed to save herself. She was hanging to a tree log and finally arrives in a land.

The woman was the only survivor from the incident. She was pregnant. Her boat was broken so she couldn’t go back to the village. The woman then lived in the forest near the river. Later she gave birth to a son. She named her son Biwar. He grew up as a skillful hunter. He can make various weapons, set traps to catch animals, and provided sufficient food for both of them.

One day he brought some fish for their food. When his mother saw him bringing fish, she asked where Biwar got them. He said it was from the river. The mother was still afraid of the dragon, so she forbade Biwar to go near the river again. She also told him about his father and the villagers that were killed by the dragon, “Your father was killed by the dragon. I’m the only one survived from the incident. That’s why we live alone here, Son.”

Biwar then decided to hunt the dragon so that he and his mother could go back to the village. He set traps near the river. Then he made some noise by playing the tifa (traditional drums). Attracted by the noise, the dragon came to Biwar. When the dragon started to attack, Biwar pulled the rope that linked to his traps, releasing spears that hit the dragon’s head directly. The dragon died instantly.

Biwar then came to his mother and told her about the death of the dragon. The next day, he built a boat and set sail to return to the village. When they arrived in the village, all the people were so happy to hear the news about the dragon’s death. Thanks to Biwar, they are not afraid to sail in the river anymore.

taken from : bahasa inggrisku

1.What is the story about?

  1. Biwar and Dragon
  2. People from Mimika
  3. The dragon
  4. Biwar
  5. The dragon’s tail


2. According to the story, Biwar …..

  1. did not hunt the dragon
  2. killed the dragon
  3. killed his father
  4. could not go back to the village
  5. prepared twelve boats

3. What made Biwar decide to hunt the dragon?

  1. Because his father died
  2. Because the people loved the dragon
  3. Because the dragon killed his father and the villagers
  4. Because his mother ordered him
  5. Because the dragon was his friend

4. Who were the main character of the story?

  1. Villigers and forest
  2. Pregnant woman and river
  3. Biwar and the woman
  4. The dragon
  5. Biwar and the dragon

5. “I’m the only one survived from the incident. That’s why we live alone here, Son”. (Paragraph 3) The underline word refers to…

  1. The dragon and river
  2. Biwar and his mother
  3. Villagers
  4. People and Biwar’s mother
  5. The dragon and villagers

B. Have you ever heard any legend in your local area? What is it about? Try to write an outline of the story

C. Read the story you’ve made, record and send it to your teacher

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