Bahan Ajar Bahasa Inggris Kelas X SMA/SMK

Soal-Soal Recount Text

Sumber Gambar :

Read the following text and answer the question 1 to 5

Holiday to Koya

Last week,  my family and I went to Koya for fishing. On the way , we stopped by buying some worms as fish bait. When we got to one of the resort, we ordered some foods and beverages like lalapan, Papeda, juice, tea and coffee. I and my brother ordered dragon juice. 

There were many huts for visitors. We got number 10 and 11. We chose them, because they were not too far from the toilet.

Before having lunch, we fished, sang together and took many pictures. We got a bucket fishes, a bag of corns and nuts. We went  home at 04.00 P.M .

1. The text above mainly discusses about……..

  1. the writer’s holiday in Jayapura
  2. the writer’s first visit to Koya
  3. the writer’s impression about fishing
  4. the writer’s experience in Koya
  5. the writer’s holiday to Koya

2. Why did they stop by?

  1. Because they wanted to take picture
  2. Because they wanted to take a rest
  3. Because they wanted to buy fish bait
  4. Because went to the resort
  5. Because they ordered some food.

3. What did the writer order?

  1. The writer ordered family to stop
  2. The writer ordered dragon juice
  3. The writer sang with family
  4. The writer stayed in the huts
  5. The writer and family were happy

4. What did the writer and her family do in Koya?

  1. They fished, sang together and took picuters
  2. They had time together
  3. The writer fished the fishes
  4. The family had lunch
  5. They were enjoying the time.

5. When did they go home?

  1. in the morning
  2. at noon
  3. on Tuesday morning
  4. in the afternoon
  5. in the evening

Read the following text and answer the question 6  to 10

People in Kotaraja Dalam thought that five burglars started stealing at Furia street on Monday morning. The burglars broke fence of  one  the big house and stole two motorcycles.  After that, they bought alcohol and drank. The host never thought that while they slept, burglars would break the fence and stole their vehicle.

6. The communicative purpose of this text is………

  1. to retell events for the purpose of informing
  2. . to describe the way they are
  3. to entertain the readers
  4. to share news
  5. to acknowledge readers about informative events

7. The text is in form of a/an………

  1. news item
  2. report
  3. narrative
  4. recount
  5. analytical exposition

8. When did it happen?

  1. Tuesday morning
  2. Monday morning
  3. Saturday morning
  4. Saturday evening
  5. Monday evening

9.  Where did it  take place?

  1. at Furia street
  2. at Furla street
  3. at Kotaraja street
  4. at Furia Dalam street
  5. at Dalam street

10. The lexico grammatical features are mostly written in………..

  1. gerund
  2. direct speech
  3. past perfect tense
  4. simple past tense
  5. simple present tense



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