Soal-Soal The Degree Of Comparison

Sumber Gambar :

Kita sudah membahas materi the degree of comparison (tingkat perbandingan), jika pembahasannya terlewati, silahkan kunjungi DISINI.

Sekarang kita akan melihat bentuk soal-soal materi ini. Bentuk soalnya pilihan ganda dan esay. Pilihan ganda terdiri dari, melengkapi dialog, menentukan maksud, kesimpulan dari sebuah dialog, dan berikut contoh soalnya :


Incomplete Dialog.

Questions 1 to ………….: Choose the best answer A, B, C, D, or E to complete each dialog.

1.Mena : What do you know about Mena?

Yona  : He is as generous as you.

Mena : You are right. ………………………… He always help his neighbour to clean  drains near her house and buy some foods for them.

  1. He is also a helpful man.
  2. He is a hard worker
  3. He is the owner of a big Hotel in Abepura
  4. Totally right
  5. You are a good observer.

2. Teacher : …………………….

     Melna   : The highest mountain in Indonesia is Jayawijaya

     Teacher : You are, Melna.

  1. What is highest mount in Indonesia
  2. What is the higher mount in Indonesia
  3. What is the highest mount in Indonesia
  4. Where is the highest mount in Indonesia
  5. Where is higher mount in Indonesia

3. Gatot : Why did you study at Vocational high school?

    Angel : I Studied at vocational high school because the

                students  ……………

  1. have more skill and have more time to practice than senior high school
  2. has more skill and have more time to practice than senior high school
  3. had more skill and have more time to practice than senior high school
  4. active and diligent
  5. creative and innovative

4. Juna : We need a application for webinar next month.

   Toni : Why don’t we use  Zoom or You Tube  application?………

  1. Zoom application is as good YouTube application
  2. Zoom  applicationis as good as You Tube application
  3. Zoom applicationis good than You Tube application
  4. Zoom application is the best than You Tube application
  5. Zoom  applicationis better among them

5. Aunty : How much the price of this tomatoes

Seller : It’s  Rp. 15,000,00

Aunty : How about Rp. 10.000, 00?

Seller : I am sorry……………………

  1. It’s the most expensive price we give
  2. It’s cheapest price we give
  3. It’s the cheapest price we give
  4. Sure, you can take it.
  5. It’s not enough for our business capital

Reading Comprehension

Questions 11 to 19 refer to the dialog. You have to choose the best answer A, B, C, D, or E to each question about the dialog.

6. Yakoba     : Good Morning, Sir. May I have a ticket to

                      Wamena  for  tomorrow,  please?

Travel Agent : Sure.  Wings Air is Rp500.000, MAF is

                       Rp 575.000,-    and Trigana Air is Rp 550.000,-.

  Yakoba       : Alright, I buy Trigana flight ticket then.

From the dialog above, we can conclude that … .

  1. Wings Airticket is as expensive as Trigana Air ticket
  2. MAFticket isn’t as expensive as Wings Air ticket
  3. Trigana Air ticket is cheaper than Wings Airticket
  4. Wings air ticket is the cheapest
  5. MAFAir ticket is the most expensive

7. Jojo  :I think  Mathematics is the hardest subject at school

    Rona : I think so. We should take match private course.

   From the dialog above, we can conclude that … .

  1. Jojo loves math
  2. Jojo and Rona are not friends
  3. Jojo is good in math
  4. Math is favourite subject
  5. Math is the most difficult subject at their school

8. Tania     : How about your new job.

    Michael : Well, It’s better than my Job when I lived in Sentani.

                    It’s challenge me to do my best.

What does the dialog tell us about?

  1. Tania asks Michael job
  2. Tania offers a help to Michael
  3. Tania gives motivation to Michael
  4. Michael compare his old and new job

9. Seva : Who is your favourite singer?

    Rafa : Afgan. He has character voice, what about you?

    Seva : I appreciate it, but I love Christina Aguilera.  

             She has mezzo-soprano type voice .

Who is Rafa favourite singer?

  1. Seva
  2. Afgan
  3. Nothing
  4. Christina Aguilera
  5. She has mezzo-soprano type voice

10.George : My school is 3 Km from here

      Putu      : My school is 4 Km from here

      Semina : My school is also 3 km from here

      Reba     : My school is 5 Km from here

From the dialog above, we can conclude that … .

  1. George’s school is the nearest
  2. Putu’s school is not far as Semina’s school
  3. Reba’s school is the nearest  among them
  4. Reba’s school is as near as putu’s school
  5. Semina’s school is the farthest


Answer the questions below

1.Find two or three something around you. Compare them

2. Compare the situation before Pandemic Covid-19 and

    when Pandemic Covid-19 is exist

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  1. 1:D

    1: pens and books=The difference isa pen for writing and a book for receiving all the writing by a pen

    2: We were excited about going to school as usual but the influx of pandemics into countries and the eating of many losses our souls were ordered to study at RMH but we kept going in spite of the study at school

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