Bahan Ajar Bahasa Inggris Kelas X SMA/SMK

Soal-Soal Simple Past Tense Dan Present Perfect Tense

Sumber Gambar :

A. Make three examples of simple past and three examples of present perfect tense.

B. Explain the differences between simple past tense and present perfect tense.

C. Choose the correct answer.

1.  They … to attend their dinner family last night, but I did not go.

a. invites                                      c. invited

b. have invited                              d. had invited

e. were invited

2. Jane : ‘Do you often go to Jayapura Mall?’

Tika : ‘No. It …….Since Pandemic

a. have closed                          c. has close

b. has closed                             d. had closed

e. closed

3. Atak : ‘you look so unhappy, Tin. What’s the matter?’

   Tin    : ‘I …….. my job’

a. have just lost                       c. was losing

b. have been losing                  d. lose

e. is losing

4. ‘Where is Robertus?’

   ‘ I don’t know. In fact I ……..any friends since I arrived

a. did not see                             c. have not seen

b. is not seeing                            d. did not see

e. had not seen

5. Maria has moved to Jayapura since her brother …

a. goes abroad and worked there

b. went abroad and worked there

c. was gone abroad and worked there

d. is gone abroad and worked there

e. to be gone abroad and worked there

6. Pika : ‘Did you come yesterday?

    Tony :  ‘No I did not. I ……… ‘

a. had busy yesterday                    c. have busy yesterday.

b. is busy yesterday                        d. was busy yesterday

e. have had been busy.

D. Choose one of the underlined words or phrases that is NOT correct!

1. Ten years ago, there is  police woman statue on skyline street.

             A                     B                    C                 D                 E

2. They has invited you, but you did not come, why?

                A     B                            C           D       E

3. While in Abepura, we always went to Cigombong market in foot.

        A                                 B              C                                D   E

 4. Dena : ‘ I wonder why Billy is absent yesterday’

                        A        B            C

    Juna  : ‘ He might be busy.’

                          D   E

5. Mr. Mike : ‘Local  Televison says that the most of streets  in Sentani is

                                    A                         B                            C

flooded at the moment.’

 Merita       : ‘I am not surprised, we had had much rain in three days.’

                                          D                     E


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