Bahan Ajar Bahasa Inggris Kelas XII SMA/SMAK Guru Siswa

Materi Application Letter

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Hi anak-anak calon generasi bangsa yang sekarang duduk di kelas XII SMA/SMK. Kalian tentunya sudah tidak sabar ingin lulus dan melanjutkan kuliah atau mungkin ingin mencari pekerjaan, bukan?

Nah, kali ini kita akan membahas salah satu materi kalian (kelas XII, pelajaran Bahasa Inggris) yang sekaligus bisa dijadikan acuan kalian suatu saat nanti.

Materi kita kali ini adalah surat lamaran (application letter).

Apa sih bagian-bagian surat lamaran dan contohnya seperti apa?, berikut penjelasannya :

1.Penanggalan (Dateline)

Setiap menulis surat, apakah surat untuk perusahaan luar negeri atau di dalam negeri, surat formal atau tidak formal, penulisan tanggalharus selalu ada, namun untuk perusahaan luar negeri tentu menggunakan penulisan tanggal secara British atau American, contoh  :

  • British : January 21st,2021
  • American : 21January, 2021


2. Kepala surat (Head of Letter)

Pada poin ini berisi tentang nama perusahaan, merek dagang sebuah perusahaan dan alamat lengkap perusahaan yang dituju, Misalnya :

Saga Cake and Bakery
Abepura Raya,


3. Alamat yang Dituju (The Inside Address)

Alamat si penerima surat, dalam hal ini alamat perusahaan yang dituju.

Contoh :

Agung Podomoro Land Tbk

Podomoro City-APlTower, Lt, 45

Jl Letjen. S. Parman Kav 28


4. Salam (Salutation)

Point ini untuk menyapa atau menyebut orang yang dituju  dengan sapaan, seperti:

  • Dear Sirs,
  • Dear Madam,

5. Garis Persoalan (The Subject Line)

Pada Subject line atau garis besar yang maksud berisi surat yang dibuat agar si pembaca akan lebih mudah untuk memahami tujuan pengiriman surat dan juga untuk menarik perhatian si pembaca, contoh :

  • Subject : Marketing application
  • Subject : Ordering of Gucci bags

6. Badan Surat (The Body of the Letter)

Bagian ini berisi surat secara detail.

7. Salam Penutup (The Complimentary)

Contoh salam penutup misalnya :

  • Hormat saya,
  • Your faithfully,
  • Your sincerely,


8. Tanda Tangan (Signature)

 Ini untuk tanda tangan penulis atau pengirim surat (surat lamaran). Manfaat tanda tangan adalah untuk menunjukkan keaslian surat dan keaslian identitas si penulis surat.

9. Nama Penulis Surat (Name/ Reference/Initial)

Berisi tentang nama panjang atau inisial si penulis, tetapi untuk menulis surat lamaran tentunya harus berisi nama lengkap penulis.


10. Lampiran (Enclosure Notation)

Pada bagian ini berisikan lampiran-lampiran penulis, contoh:

  • Enclosure : Course Certificate
  • Enclosure : Work Experiences


Contoh Surat Lamaran (Application Letter) :


January 21st, 2021


Kuala Kencana, Kabupaten Mimika,

Provinsi Papua,


Dear Sirs,

I am a machine graduate of SMK NEGERI 3 JAYAPURA with a year of working experience gained from a big company in Bintuni-Sorong

I am writing to apply for the position as mechanic,  advertised on Cenderawasih Post  on January 19th, 2021. This position particularly interests me because it would enable me to make full use of education background and experiences. I have well-repaired machine that can be very useful in carrying out the duties for the above-mentioned position.

On top of these competencies, I adhere to a work professional and can effectively interact with people across all levels of the organizational structure. I believe I can be an asset to your organization.

My resume is enclosed with this cover letter. It shows my overall expertise and experience in the field. I would welcome the opportunity to interview for the position and comply with your other requirements. I can be contacted during working hours at 081244999111.

Thank you very much.



Adventio Fakdawer



Bahan Ajar Bahasa Inggris Kelas XI SMA/SMK Siswa

Soal-Soal Analytical Exposition Text


Sumber Gambar : pixabay.com

A. Arrange the sentences to make a good text.

The importance of English Language

A. From the fact above, it is obvious that everybody needs to learn     English to greet the global era.

B. Firstly, English is an international language. It is spoken by many people all over the world, either as a first or second language.
I personally think that English is the world’s most important language. Why do I say that?

C. Thirdly, English is a top requirement of those seeking jobs. Applicants who masters either active or passive English are more favorable than those who don’t.

D. Secondly, English is also the key which opens the doors to scientific and technical knowledge, which is needed for the economic and political development of many countries in the world.

B. Choose one the following topic. Then write an analytical exposition essay about it.

1.The importance of boosting our immune system

2. Still working during the CIVID-19

3. The best article you have ever read

4. The influence of friendship during the Pandemic

5. Homeschooling while working from home

D. Choose one of the underline words or phrases that is NOT correct.

1. Rika : What  does you think about Robert?

                A         B            C

    Tina : He is kindhearted and helpful

                    D                              E

2. Tika : How many English dictionary do you borrow from school

                        A                       B                          C



     Jojo          : Only one, ma’am.


3. Sita : She will study. That’s why she wins the competition

                       A                                       B     C

    Kiki : Agree. She loves  studying

                                     D         E

4. Melani : Joko speaks  slow, I can’t hear what  he is talking

                                A        B                                              C

Paula    : I can’t either

                    D      E

5. Jacob   : Do you know that the popular of mobile device has


had some dangerous Consequences             

  B                                      C

Melisa : I do. Example when we text message while driving. 

                D                                                                    E

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Materi Analytical Exposition Text


Bahan Ajar Bahasa Inggris Kelas XI SMA/SMK Siswa

Materi Analytical Exposition Text

Sumber Gambar : pixabay.com

Apakah kalian pernah membaca teks yang mengandung argumen?

Kira-kira jenis teks apakah itu?

Yap, teks yang kali ini kita bahas adalah teks analitis eksposisi (Analytical Exposition Text). Berikut adalah penjelasannya :

Definition of Analytical Exposition Text.

Analytical Exposition Text is one of argumentative text which supported by opinion/idea.

The Purpose of Analytical Exposition Text.

The purpose is to persuade the readers or listeners that  idea is the important case.

Language Features of Analytical Exposition.

  • Using modals: She must finish the project, they may join us.
  • Using action verbs: walk, listen, work, do.
  • Using thinking verbs: wonder, understand, consider, doubt.
  • Using adverbs: always, slowly, there, tomorrow.
  • Using adjective: Lazy, diligent, tall, popular.
  • Using relational process: relationship between and among workers, partners, leaders.
  • Using simple present tense : She is stronger, they live here.Etc

Generic Structure of Analytical Exposition Text.

– Thesis : Commonly, the thesis will be places in the first paragraph. The function of thesis is as the introduction of the text.

Arguments :  It is a heart of the text. It lists several reasons, give facts, example to support opinions

– Reiteration : It restates the writer’s thesis/opinion, position that has been stated in the first paragraph/thesis or, it may also be the writer’s conclusion from the arguments. The purpose is to strengthen the thesis.

Example of the Analytical Exposition text

Controlling Children Using Computer

Computer and internet are useful as well as powerful. Information about health and safe usage of computer and Internet, especially for children, should be owned by each family. Computer connected to internet is powerful way to socialize with others. It can be good but also bad effect. Recently we hear a lot of children get the advantage of social networking sites but we often see the news about the disadvantage of it for children. Healthy and safety of computer and Internet usage should continue to be campaigned.

The role of parent in assisting and directing children in using computer is very necessary. Installation of software monitor such as key logger which has function to watch and note all activities relating to keyboard usage is helpful but not enough to protect children from potential harms. Children tend to hide what they have done in front of the computer to their parent. They see that all of they have done are their privacy and no one may know.

We can not prevent children from using computer because it is multi functional. However, many parents worry about what their kids do in front of the computer; whether they are doing homework or even just playing games. Or spending all time to surf internet which is the materials do not fit with his age. There is a tendency, especially teenagers, want to become acquainted with many strangers out side. The lack parental supervision of children’s activities is likely to pose a potential danger to them. So parental monitor against the use of computers needs to be done from time to time.

Adopted from : http://www.englishdirection.com


Menikah Di Usia Muda

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Saat ini, saya akan menceritakan hal yang membuat saya merasa terpaksa sapu-sapu dada sambil tepuk jidat sendiri.

Diawal tahun ini, saya melihat anak-anak muda cantik memutuskan menikah di usia 18 tahun dengan seorang pria yang lebih tua setahun dengan dirinya, yang satunya bercerita secara langsung akan segera menikah dan sekarang usianya 19 tahun, begitu juga dengan calon suaminya, dan yang satunya lagi sudah putus sekolah dan sudah menikah beberapa hari lalu diusia 17 tahun, serta suaminya berusia 18 tahun.

Saya bertanya kepada seorang diantara mereka “mengapa kamu ingin menikah di usia sangat muda?” “takut dosa dan sudah cinta” itu jawabnya.

Sumber Gambar : pixabay.com

Untuk memastikan jawaban anak tersebut, saya sempat menanyakannya ulang pertanyaan yang sama dan ternyata jawabannya sama.

Hal yang membuat saya tidak habis berfikir adalah mengapa menikah dengan alasan itu? Hati saya bertanya “ Apakah anak tersebut kurang membaca?, kurang bergaul atau minimal kurang menonton atau mendengar berita tentang pernikahan di usia dini? bukankah penyebab utama perceraian karena menikah diusia dini?”

Saya juga berfikir apakah orangtua mereka kurang memberikan pemahaman, atau hal tersebut muncul karena mereka sudah memiliki komitmen yang kuat? Well, pertanyaan terakhir ini membuat saya ragu dan mengiring hati saya berfikir negatif, yaitu karena mereka bodoh. (maaf)

Tidak bisa dipungkiri bahwa tingkat kebodohan dalam hal menetukan tahap-tahap kehidupan masih minim, ditambah lagi dengan pemikiran beberapa orangtua yang juga minim akan pengetahuan. Pemikiran “asal anak mereka sudah menikah tanggung jawab mereka selesai”.

Ada beberapa orangtua mengatakan bahwa banyak anak, banyak rezeki. Salah satu hal ini yang membuat mereka merasa tak bersalah jika memberikan lampu hijau kepada anak mereka untuk segera menikah di usia muda.

Pada kenyataannya, tidak sedikit mereka yang menikah diusia muda hidup menderita karena kesusahan dalam hal ekonomi. Belum lagi karena mereka merasa jenuh dengan rutinitas ibu dan kepala rumah tangga yang begitu saja.

Juga, tentang mengurus anak, terkadang anak dititipkan kepada orangtua yang kadang membuat orangtua merasa lelah dengan kegiatan yang berulang-ulang mereka lakukan.

Parahnya jika harus tinggal serumah dengan orangtua, dimana dalam satu rumah dihuni lebih dari beberapa keluarga. Hal seperti ini yang sering menimbulkan perselisihan, hingga menimbulkan konflik di dalam keluarga.

Apapun dengan yang sudah saya amati, hal yang membuat saya tidak bisa berkata-kata adalah jawaban atas pertanyaan saya, dimana semua pasangan ini menjawab mereka menikah karena cinta. Tentang pekerjaan akan dicari bersama-sama, akan berjuang dari awal bersama-sama.

Melihat hal ini, saya merasa semakin tidak heran jika jumlah kemiskinan terus meningkat di negara ini. Sepertinya edukasi akan pernikahan di sekolah, di tempat ibadah atau kegiatan organisasi perlu ditingkatkan untuk menekan jumlah pernikahan di usia muda.

Saya berharap kedepan pemerintah memikirkan tentang undang-undang pernikahan bagi pasangan yang belum memiliki pekerjaan tetap, selain mengurangi konflik dalam keluarga juga hal ini menurut saya dapat mengurangi jumlah kemiskinan.

Memang, tak ada jaminan bahwa menikah di usia matang atau menikah pada saat sudah dewasa, atau  pada saat sudah memiliki pekerjaan hubungan pernikahan akan langgeng, aman dan bahagia. Tentu tidak, namun minimal dalam keadaan apapun, setiap pribadi mampu membiayai hidup sendiri, hingga tidak terjerumus dalam kemiskinan yang dapat menimbulkan penyakit masyarakat atau penyakit sosial.

Saya berdoa kepada ketiga anak muda tersebut agar selalu hidup  bersama pasangan masing-masing dan mampu melewati badai bersama-sama, serta bisa membantah hal-hal yang telah saya amati tentang pernikahan dini dengan bukti pernikahan mereka kelak.

Anak muda lainnya, hendaknya tidak mudah memutuskan untuk menikah muda, jika belum yah minimal memiliki pekerjaan tetap yang bisa dipegang seumur hidup.

Nikmatilah masa muda kalian dan tetap semangat.

Bahan Ajar Bahasa Inggris Kelas X SMA/SMK Siswa

Soal-Soal Memo, Menu, Schedule dan Signs

Sumber Gambar : pixabay.com

We have studied the explanation of Memo, Menu, Schedule and Signs. If you do not read the examples, click HERE or ask to your teacher for more explanation.

  1. Study the bus schedule below, then choose True/False for each sentences.

From           : Jayapura Station

To               : Sentani Station

Leave after : 05:30 a.m

Option Depart Arrive Travel Time
1. 05 : 30 a.m 06 : 30 a.m 60 mins
2. 07 : 20 a.m 08 : 40 a.m 60 mins
3. 09 : 00 a.m 10 : 00 a.m 60 mins
4. 12:30 a.m 13 : 30 p.m 60 mins
5. 14:40 p.m 15 : 40 p.m 60 mins
6 16 : 30 p.m 17 : 30 p.m 60 mins

1.The table shows the bus schedule is from Sentani station to Jayapura station.

2. The train leaves for Sentani station to Jayapura station

3. The train departs from Jayapura Station

4. The table shows schedule of bus that leaves after 05 : 30 pm

5. There are more than six options show on the schedule

6. There are two bus that depart from Jayapura to Sentani after 12 30 p.m

7. Each bus takes less than 60 minutes to reach the destination

8. The earliest bus departs at 05 : 30 a.m

9. The last bus arrives at 17 : 30 p.m

10. The longest ride takes 30 minutes.

B. Below is a beverages list from a  cafe called “Abepura Santai” read the menu and choose the correct answer.


 Abepura Santai Cafe

Beverages list

Wamena Robusta Coffee           35

Wamena Torabica Coffee          40

Ice Tea                           15   

Hot Tea                            10

Latte                              25

Orange Juice                      20

Avocado Juice                     20


1.What is the most expensive?

  1. Hot Tea
  2. Wamena Torabica Coffee
  3. Avocado Juice
  4. Latte
  5. Orange Juice

2. If you are customer. What will you say to order the coffee?

a. One Wamena Robusta Coffee    

b. I’d like to order hot tea, please.

c. Is Torabica coffee good for our health?

d. Yes, please

e. Latte is better

3. What is the second cheapest on the menu

a. Ice Tea

b. Hot Tea

c. Ice Cream

d. Mineral water

e. Coffee

4. What is the name of the cafe?

a. In Abepura santai

b. Santai restaurant

c.Abepura Cafe

d. Santai Cafe

e. Abepura Santai Cafe

5. What is the synonym of “beverages”?

a. Drink

b. Food

c. Drink and food

d.Cafe for drinking

e. Place to relax

C. Read the Memo and answer the questions

Dear Winda,

I am writing because I am leaving to Jayapura. Almost two weeks I spent my holiday with you and family. I saw you were too lazy to be a sister.  I’d like you to clean up the living room and dining room every morning before going out.

Your sister,



1. What is the things that Naura asked Winda to do?

2. How long did Naura spend her holiday?

3. Beside living room, where does Winda have to clean?

4. Why did Naura asked Winda to clean up the house?

5. What is the relationship between Winda and Naura

D. Answer the questions below

1.Make your own memo based on your future dream

2. Create an attractive  Menu

3. Make your daily schedule

4. Find the example of warning sign, mandatory sign, prohibited sign and direction sign.

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  1. Materi Memo, Menu, Schedule And Signs
Bahan Ajar Bahasa Inggris Kelas X SMA/SMK Siswa

Materi Memo, Menu, Schedule And Signs

Sumber Gambar : pixabay.com

Hi. How are you today?

I hope, you are in a good condition.

This time, we are going to discuss new topic ,they are Memo, Menu, Schedule and Signs, but wait a minute. Have you studied about them before? Yes, I know, you have. When you were at Elementary school, but of course, it’s not more specific. So let’s focus.

  1. Memo

Do you know What is Memo?

Where do you usually find it?. Well, with the new technology, you can’t find memo easily at home or at the office, because people use mobile phone to send messages, but have you ever thought that memo was so important and also it still important?

So, what is Memo? Ok, Memo or memorandum is a short communication used within an organization. It often used as a tool to share short information or message.

Actually, it’s not only used in an organization, but also people can use everywhere, specially at home. When your parents are out, traditionally, they will leave a memo on the table, door or under your door, but if they have credit/pulse, they will send you short message service (SMS).

The purpose of Memo is to inform something. Kinds of Memo are formal and informal. The structure are heading, content, and closing.

Example of Memo:


To          : Billy

From     : Your sister, Sisil.

Date      : 15 Januari 2021

Subject : Prohibition

I am out to buy some vegetables and papa’s medicine. Please, do not enter to my room and do not touch all my stuffs on papa’s desk.

B. Menu

Do you ever see a Menu? I believe, you do. When you go to a restaurant, the first thing you ask to the waiter is Menu. Buy the way, do you know the definition of  Menu?

Menu is a list of food and beverages equipped with their respective prices. To attract customer, some restaurants use attractive Menu by giving full of colors, pictures, like a photo album and sometimes, it provides in tab.  

Example of Menu:

Sumber Gambar : ostermywall.com

C. Schedules

Schedule is a list of activity. It can be a schedule of everything like schedule of flight, schedule of train, schedule of English course and so on.

The purpose of the schedule is to keep ourselves in time and manage our activity well.

Example of Schedule:

Sumber Gambar : Researchgate.net

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  1. Soal-Soal Memo, Menu, Schedule and Signs

D. Signs

Sign or  symbols are instructions or prohibitions that we can find around us. Signs contain warning sign, mandatory sign, prohibited sign and direction sign. The purpose of signs or symbols is to instruct or prohibit people.

Example of Signs:

Sumber Gambar : pixabay.com


Bahan Ajar Bahasa Inggris Kelas XI SMA/SMK Siswa

Soal-Soal Factual Report

Sumber Gambar : pixabay.com

1. Arrange the sentences to make a good paragraph.

 Covid-19 in Indonesia

The President also issued regulations regarding the pandemic. Government Regulation No. 21/2020 is issued to regulate the large-scale social restrictions or PSBB and is implemented in coordination and collaboration with various parties, in accordance with statutory provisions.

In Indonesia, the first case of Covid-19 reported on March 2, 2020. After WHO declaring Covid-19 a pandemic, all the activities such as working and studying are done in homes.

However, the case of novel coronavirus keeps growing. In the end of March, the total case of this disease reaches 1528 cases. To respond to this pandemic, UNICEF has been leading efforts with the government, the World Health Organization and other partners.

Covid-19 In Indonesia Covid-19 is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered virus namely SARS-Cov-2. This virus first appears in Wuhan, China and eventually spreads in many countries, including Indonesia.

Taken from : Kompas.com

2. Read and guess what they are.

  1. a common illness that is caused by virus and that causes fever, weakness and pain, and breathing problems
  2. A shirt that short that is usually made og cottons and jeans
  3. A land surrounded by water and smaller than a continent
  4. An infectious disease caused by a newly discovered virus namely SARS-Cov-2
  5. A kind of insect that has a long thin body and brightly colored wings.

3. Put the verbs into the correct Simple present forms.

Kidney (a)………(be) two organs in the abdomen of vertebrates that are shaped like beans. They (b) .(make) urine-the yellow waste water that ( c) ….(come out) of urethra. They are part of urinary system.  When medical professionals (d) …..(discuss)  the kidneys, they typically ( e)…….(refer) to the word renal. For example, renal failure is a condition when the kidney are sick and (f) …..(not work).

4. Make a factual report text. Choose one of the topic given below.

a. Tsunami

b. Sriwijaya air sj 182

c. Technical School

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  1. Factual Report
  2. Simple Present


Bahan Ajar Bahasa Inggris Kelas XI SMA/SMK Siswa

Materi Factual Report

Sumber Gambar : pixabay.com

Definition of Factual Report

Factual report is a text which present some information about things, people, animals scientific phenomena or social condition based on the result of observation and analysis

Purpose of Factual Report

The purpose of the text is to give some information to the reader by stating facts.

Generic Structure of the Text

  1. General Facts (General classification). It contains ideas of topic that will inform in a text by specific facts.
  2. Description. It gives explanation from information given by details.

 Characteristic of The Text

  • Use general noun : Table, bird, house
  • Use relating verb : is, am, are, was, were, being, been, have, has, had
  • Use simple present : She lives in Jayapura
  • Has a proof : Proof of what is being describe
  • Object based on facts : People, animals, etc

 Example of The Text

Teks 1


 Covid-19 or Coronavirus Disease-2019 is an infectious disease caused by a new virus called SARS-Cov-2. This disease first identified in Wuhan, China, in the end of 2019. The virus widely spread over many countries and then in March 2020, WHO declared Covid-19 a pandemic.

This disease attacks respiratory system. Covid-19 also makes people who get infected experience several symptoms. The common symptoms are fever, dry cough, and tiredness. Some also experience aches, sore throat, diarrhea, conjunctivitis, headache, and loss of taste or smell. Meanwhile the serious symptoms are shortness of breath, chest pain, and loss of speech. However, there are many who do not experience symptoms.

It takes about 5-6 days to the symptoms to show. However, the incubation period takes 14 days. People who has mild to moderate illness usually can recover without hospitalization. Meanwhile those who experience serious symptoms have to seek medical attention.

The virus spreads through the droplets when infected people sneeze or cough. Therefore, WHO gives the way to prevent infection such as washing hands regularly with soap and water, avoiding touching face, covering mouth and nose while sneezing or coughing, staying at home, refraining from smoking, and practicing physical distancing.

taken from : Kompas.com

Text 2

A nail is a horn-like envelope covering the tips of the fingers and toes in humans, most non-human primates, and a few other mammals.

Nails are similar to claws in other animals. Fingernails and toenails are made of a tough protective protein called keratin. This protein is also found in the hooves and horns of different animals.

A healthy fingers nail has the function of protecting the finger trip. And the surrounding soft tissues from injuries. It also function as a tool, enabling for instance pulling out a splinter in one’s finger, and certain cutting or scraping actions.

Taken from Buku Erlangga kelas XI. P. 74

 Factual Report Verses Description Text

The purpose of the text is to give description of the object/participant. They both try to show rather than tell the reader about the factual condition.

What make different between factual report and description text is is the scope of the object/participant given. Description text based on writer’s opinion and describe more specific. General structure is identification and description


Malaria Mewarnai Akhir Tahunku.

“ A Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year”

Saya berharap ucapan ini tidak terlambat untuk kita semuanya, bukankah hari Natal tidak hanya tanggal 25 Desember? tetapi semangat natal hendaknya selalu ada di hati, sehingga damai sejaterah selalu ada dalam hidup kita.

Saya akan menjawab beberapa pertanyaan tentang kegiatan atau peristiwa apa yang telah terjadi hingga dalam waktu  sebulan lamanya, saya tidak mempost apapun di blog saya.

Tapi terlebih dahulu izinkan saya mengucapkan turut berduka atas semua korban Pesawat Sriwijaya Air SJ182. Saya berdoa, semua arwah para korban diterima di sisi Tuhan Yang Maha Esa dan semua keluarga diberikan ketabahan. Amin.

Pada tanggal 10 Desember 2020 adalah hari terakhir dimana saya mempost artikel yang berjudul “Conditional Sentences” atau kerap dikenal sebagai kalimat pengandaian, dimana, saya menjelaskan pengertian kalimat pengandaian serta membubuhi beberapa contoh pengandaian.

Setelah itu, rencananya saya akan mempost soal-soal kalimat pengandaian, namun karena selalu antusias saya akan hari Natal, membuat saya menunda untuk membuat artikel saat itu.

Awal rencana. Saya hanya butuh  18 hari untuk fokus merayakan Natal dan meninggalkan aktivitas di blog saya sejenak, namun karena hal tak terduga membuat saya tidak bisa menulis apapun di blog saya.

Yang membuat saya demikian adalah saya sakit. Sejak 28 Desember 2020, setelah balik dari liburan di Tomohon Sulawesi Utara, saya merasa ada yang tidak beres dengan tubuh saya.

Saya merasa menggigil, demam, batuk dan pusing. Hal itu sama sekali tidak serta-merta membuat saya berfikir bahwa saya kena Covid-19, masalahnya karena sakit tersebut bukanlah sakit yang asing bagi saya.

Malam itu saya sudah merasa bahwa saya sakit Malaria, namun karena satu dan lain hal, saya tidak bisa mengecek darah untuk memastikan saya Malaria.

Malam, Pada tangga 31 Desember 2020, saya diantar untuk berobat dan disana saya bertemu dengan seorang dokter yang begitu teliti. Beliau mengecek kondisi saya dan mengatakan amandel sebelah kanan bengkak serta saya menderita alergi dingin. Alergi ini yang menyebabkan saya batuk.

Namun karena fasilitas saat itu tidak lengkap, ditambah lagi dengan banyak laboratorium swasta yang tutup karena akhir tahun, membuat dokter tidak bisa memberikan obat Malaria.

Hal ini terus saya upayakan hingga sehari sebelum balik ke Jayapura.

Pada tanggal 05 Januari 2021, sore hari setiba dari berlibur, saya langsung pergi ke salah satu dokter praktek dan mengecek darah. Feeling saya benar, saya sakit Malaria. Malaria tersiana plus satu. Saat itu, tanpa fikir panjang, dokter langsung memberikan obat dan meminta saya untuk beristrahat full.

Setiba di rumah saya berdoa dan bersyukur bahwa selama hampir satu minggu ternyata saya juga sakit Malaria selain yang telah didiagnosa dokter sebelumnya, namun hal lain yang membuat saya bersyukur bahwa saya tetap mempunyai kemampuan untuk mengerjakan apapun, bahkan tidak seperti sakit Malari yang saya rasakan dulu. Sakit kali ini, saya merasa tidak muntah dan tidak mengalami pusing berat. Saya bersyukur betapa Tuhan menyanyangi saya.

Hal yang sedikit menggelitik hati saya adalah mengapa ada nyamuk Malaria di Manado. Selama ini, hampir semua orang tau bahwa hanya di Papua dan NTT, mengapa ada disana?

Apakah karena faktor cuaca, faktor alam atau karena lingkungan yang tidak bersih? Apapun itu, hal ini membuat saya berfikir bahwa penyakit yang dikenal ada beberapa daerah saja ternyata bisa muncul di daerah lain tanpa ada batas.

Sekarang, saya merasa hampir pulih, hanya lidah  yang masih terasa pahit dan batuk. Namun hal ini tidak menghentikan saya untuk melaksanakan tugas dan tanggung jawab saya sebagai tenaga pendidik.

Penyakit seyogyanya tidak dijadikan alasan untuk berleha-leha. Masih banyak orang yang menderita penyakit berat dari saya, namun semangat mereka tidak padam. Tanggung jawab diatas segalanya, karena melaksanakan pekerjaan menunjukkan siapa diri kita.

Yuk, tetap semangat.

Bahan Ajar Bahasa Inggris Kelas XI SMA/SMK Guru

Soal-Soal Conditional Sentences

1. Complete the sentences below using the correct “if clause”

1. If you ……your CV, your chance of getting scholarship ………better. (update) (to be)

2. If you ……English, you …………………. a job vacancy at that Britania Company. (speak) (have)

3. If you …….one package, you ….the second package for free. (buy) (get).

4. If  She ……more time, she …..English class. (spare time) (take up)

5. If you ……..better, you will ……better. (eat) (feel).


2. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate  responses.

Conversation 1

A : I will come, if I have free time

B : We open on Monday morning

C : What day would you like to come in, please?

Customer : I need to make appointment for haircut

Staff : (1) …………….

Customer : Monday.

Staff : (2). ………………….hold on, please!

Customer : ok.

Staff : Yes. (3). …………………….

Customer : I’d like to schedule for 8 a.m

Staff : It’s too early. We open at 09.30 a.m

Customer : Ok then. That’s perfect.

Staff : Thanks

Customer : you are welcome. See you then.

Conversation 2.

A : I will pencil you in

B : Let me check to see if we have free booked

C : What day would you like to make the appointment?

D : I can put you in second booked

Customer : Hello. I need to fix my motorcycle. Can I schedule an appointment, please?

Staff      : (1) ……………..

Customer : How about tomorrow morning?

Staff          : (2) …………………… one moment, please.

Customer : All right.

Staff         : Yes. (3) ………………………………..

Customer : Can I make it for 9.30 a.m?

Staff         : (4)………………

Customer : It sounds great. Thanks

Staff          : You are welcome.

3. Circle the correct  “if clause” to complete each conversation

1. If she ……more confident during the speech conversation, She might got the chance she wanted.

a. Had been

b. Was being

c. Would be

d. Would have been

e. Were

2. Lee : Why don’t you try to make money during the Pandemi?

    Tany : If I had time, I would have much time to make some cakes and sell them.

What does the underline sentences mean?

a. Tany works hard during Pandemi

b. Lee allows Tany to work with him

c. Tany did not work during the Pandemi

d. Tany worked during Pandemi

e. Tany does not work

3. Jane : Would you like some bananas fries, with Sara’ba?

Tony : No, thank you. …………..

a. If I eat too much, I will not finish them.

b. If I eat too much, I will order milk shake.

c. If I don’t have some bananas fries, I won’t Sara’ba

d. If I don’t have any Sara’ba and bananas fries, I won’t order

e. If I don’t have some bananas fries, I want milk shake.

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