Bahan Ajar Bahasa Inggris Kelas X SMA/SMK

Soal-Soal Plans And Intentions

Sumber Gambar :

A. Put the verb in the brackets into the correct forms: ‘will’ or ‘going to’

  1. It’s my new day. I…..(smile) to the world.
  2. I do not know what I ……(do)
  3. She …..(return) the book this afternoon
  4. We …..(buy) something new, but I do not know what.
  5. I …..(bring) the report soon
  6. The girl ….(cut) the picture of you, because she is mad.
  7. I …….(turn) the television off. There is no anybody’s watching.

B. Read the text below and change future intention (going to) into expressing of plans (will).


Family Time

This month, we are going to visit some interesting places in Jayapura. My grand parents  are going to invite our relatives who live in Sentani. My uncle, Geno is going to drive us to coast. The drive is going to take 30 minutes. I am going to sit in the front and my cousin is going to sit in the back. I am going to turn on musics as my grand parents request. When we get there, we are going to swim, take lots pictures,  grill fishes and have lunch together. I can not wait.


C. Make 5 sentences to describe a promise you will make to yourself as student.

Example : I will study hard






 D. Choose the correct below

1.Tom  :  Why do you look so stressed?

   Jane :  I am going to be punished  if I don’t finish tis Math project by tomorrow

   Tom  : I thought you had a week to finish it.

   Jane  : I know, but I’d been so busy.

  Tom  : ………………..

  1. You die
  2. Explain it
  3. I am going to help you
  4. Come to me
  5. I will study
  1. Which one of the following sentences is not an expression of intention?
  1. I am going to go to Wamena next week
  2. She is going to help you
  3. We are going to retell the story
  4. I am going to fix the motorcycle
  5. Her mother is going to pick her up tonight
  1. Tina: ……………………….

    kika: I am going to go to Pulau Debi

   Complete the dialog above with the correct expression!

  1. Are you busy tomorrow afternoon?
  2. Where are you going tonight?
  3. Could I you to exhibition?
  4. Do you have any plan?
  5. What are you doing?
  1. Jefri : When will Hana begin her trip?

   Yuna : I do not know.

   Jefri  : I have a plan. I will tell her to visit our home if she visit our village.

   Yuna            : ……………………….

  1. It’s a good idea
  2. I will go
  3. I am going to go now
  4. Nice
  5. Her trip must be fun.

 Melvi : What will happened to the presentation report?

   Jojo     : …………………………

  1. They will be accepted
  2. It will be approved soon
  3. It is reject
  4. They will be send to approved
  5. They will return it to the employee


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