Bahan Ajar Bahasa Inggris Kelas X SMA/SMK

Soal-Soal Announcement

Sumber Gambar :

The Test Consist of Two Parts. Multiple Choice and Essay

A. Choose the correct answer

Read the following text and answer questions 1-2

To: all Students

There will be a blackout each Friday during this two months. Consequently, we will use the generator as the electric source. So, please turn on air conditioners in all  laboratories on Friday.

Please don’t forget to turn off the lights, computers, printers during the break as usual. 

  1. Where can you find the announcement?
  1. At home
  2. At school
  3. At market
  4. At library
  5. At Hospital
  1. According to the text, what should the students do each Friday?
  1. Turn on Computers
  2. Fix the air conditioners
  3. Switch off lights
  4. Clean the laboratories
  5. Print the report

Read the following text and answer questions 3-4

To All Third Grade Students

 Due to internship that will be held next week, all library books have to be returned before the fourth of September, 2020. Lost  and torn book should be replace with the one of similar subjects.

 Library staff



3. What does the text tell about?

  1. Returning the library book
  2. Internship
  3. Replacing book
  4. Telling subjects
  5. Lost and break books
  1. What students do if the book is lost
  1. Students should pay it
  2. Students should replace it
  3. Internship will be cancelled
  4. Call parents
  5. Returned before the fourth of September, 2020

Read the following text and answer questions 5-6


To. All 9th Gradeers

We are approaching the end of our days at SMP Nusa Bangsa. Soon, we will leave the school that we love very much. Let’s leave something memorable for the school and for the students in need. Do not ruin your uniforms by spraying them with paint. Do not throw away your books. Donate your books and uniforms to the seventh and eighth graders. You might never know that your books and uniforms are badly needed by some of them. Give the stuff to Mrs. Katmiati at the staff office. The school is going to distribute the stuff to the needy students. Come on pals, don’t be foolish, let’s do something useful.

Chief of Students Organization,

Mariana Hartati

 Taken from:

5. Why did Mariana Hartati write the announcement?

  1. Because she throws away their books
  2. Because she asks her friends to remember SMP Nusa Bangsa
  3. Because she informs her friends about leaving the school son
  4. Because she persuades her friends to donate their stuff to the needy
  5. Because she invites her friends to join

6. What should a students do if we wants to donate his uniform

  1. He should meet Marina Hartati
  2. He should give them to Mrs Katmiyati
  3. He should come to the Students Organization office
  4. He should distribute them to the seventh and eighth graders
  5. He should give it

7. From the text we can conclude that the ninth graders are going to ….

  1. Donate soon
  2. Party soon
  3. Visit Mrs. Katmiyati
  4. Go to the staff office
  5. Ask the teacher

2. Find an announcement about anything. Then, recreate the announcements with your own idea. Record and send it to your teacher.

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