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Soal-Soal News Item Text

Sumber Gambar :

Berlatih. Yah, kali ini kita akan berlatih mengerjakan soal untuk mengukur sejauh mana kalian mengerti penjelasan materi News Item Text, Jika belum membaca penjelasannya, sebaiknya kembali KESINI. Berikut soal-soalnya :

A. Read the text and choose the correct answer

Yoka, mysterious accident shocked people.

Jayapura-at Yoka-Puay street, Waena, dated 27th September, 2017. It was crowded and the cars were stuck. It was because the double garden car parked in the middle of the Yoka street. It helped to evacuate Toyota Etios Valco car which  slipped into the lake bank which half of its body was in the water.

Evacuating process took much time from 09.00 AM-16.00 PM. RAPI and BASARNAS teams had tried to evacuated it, but the failed. The reason because the area was so cliff. The local people decided to hire four boats to bring the car to the lake side using rope irons, but they cut off many times, the car was full of waters, luckily there was four gentlemen went to the lake and helped the bouts evacuated it. Until it’s done, it left mystery because the driver  named Nani Diana Lie  was not there. BASARNAS team dived into the lake, but they did not find the body of Neni.

From her identity found at the place, known that the victim worked at Puskesmas Harapan as a midwife. Before the tragedy happening, she was doing medias service at Yokiwa village Jayapura district. Until the news getting around.  The local people made many arguments about it, some of them saying that the victim jumped before the car fell down, unseen people said that the victim was kidnap, but not less of people said that she escaped because she did not want to marry with a man whom she did not love. All her relatives and her close friends knew that she would get married soon. Ipda Ibrahim Mebri  as police officer at Abepura did not consider the arguments. He just focused on the investigation process and he wanted the people respected the process well.

The witness, Ismail Eha  said that he found bag, name plate, shoes, mobile phone silicon, glasses were out of the car, but he did not see blood. From her identity, she is the daughter of the head Jayapura district. He continued explain that windscreen car was not crack. He and his friends thought that the car was empty when it fell to the lake side.

Unexpectedly, 4th September, 2017, at 23.55, Nani Diana Lie was found by her family when she  checked out at one of hotel in Abepura. According to her relatives, she did all crazy things because she refused merry with a man whom she did not love. Until she was found, the local people at Yoka, wanted her to explain and give clarification on TV and radio local. She was just crying when the reporter  ask her explanation. Her mother said that she got depressed.

(Taken From : Cenderawasih Pos)

  1. The type of the text is……….
  1. Factual report text
  2. Discussion text
  3. News item text
  4. Hortatory exposition
  5. Descriptive text
  1. Why did the double garden car parked in the middle of the Yoka street?
  1. Helping people around Yoke street
  2. Evacuating Toyota Etios Valco car
  3. Slippinginto the lake bank
  4. Evacuating BASARNAS Team
  5. Explaining the mysterious accident
  1. What is the main idea of the third paragraph
  1. People argument about the tragedy
  2. How the police do the investigation
  3. Give information about her job
  4. Police officer focused on the investigation process
  5. The story how the tragedy happening.
  1. Why did she do all crazy things?
  1. Because she wanted to go far away
  2. Because she refused merry with a man whomshe did not love.
  3. Because she wanted to have another car
  4. Because she hid at the hotel
  5. Because she was not normal girl.
  1. He continued explain that windscreen car was not crack.(fourth paragraph). What is the similar meaning of the word  “Crack”?
  1. Well maintain
  2. Good condition
  3. Break
  4. New
  5. Clear
  1. What is the generic structure of the text above?
  1. Orientation-Complication-Resolution
  2. Identification-Description
  3. Orientation-Events-Reorientation
  4. Thesis-Arguments-Reiteration
  5. Newsworthy event-Background event-sources

B. Do the task below.

1. Write a news item text in at least 400 words!

2. Classify the linguistic features of news item based on the text above.

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